About Us

Orbit Group of Companies (OGC) based in Ajman is established with a mission to trade & meet strategic products & services for the ever-growing market demands in the U.A.E industry & the Gulf region on the whole. Orbit Group of Companies is comprised of three subsidiaries


We are young, enthusiastic and active group committed to open communication with our clients to determine their needs and desires. Our vision is to be the leading force in linking the economic of the East-West and we are encouraged by the stable local economy with a healthy growth and affluent society, which continues to demand more services and better products. Our goal is to reach for unsurpassed excellence in providing Quality service and distinguished performance.

We commit to provide turnkey solutions to the food service industry meeting the specific needs of the clients through production of industrial kitchen equipments and refrigeration units which are in accordance with the specifications of the clients and as per the international standards. Our well qualified, experienced and talented engineers know the professional way of its production. On top of that our R&D is upgrading the models day by day.

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